School Library

Library is a place where there is a large collection of books. Our school library have got two sections. One is a huge reading hall and the other is the issue section. In the reading hall we have varieties of newspapers, weeklies, hundreds of books and monthly magazines organized specially for students. We have all types and all genres of books from poetry to fiction, from short stories to novel, from Encyclopedia to Islamic history. A student can take advantage of every type of book in our library. Our library has a proper sitting arrangement for students. More than 60 readers can come and take advantage of a peaceful environment. Every class in our school has one library period where students come with teacher and explore knowledge. We also have extra classes, which takes place in library for native learners. Our library is also used for meetings and workshops conducted by board members and the Principal. It is a great place for every student, teacher of our school to enjoy solitude and feed their inner souls with books.