Middle Section

Middle section constitutes the period between Junior and Secondary education and comprises Grades 6 to 8. The age group is 11-14 years.  The progress from class to class is automatic after passing the required examination. Students proceed to secondary education or to technical training colleges for vocational training.


  1. Urdu / Arabic
  2. English
  3. Islamiat
  4. Mathematics
  5. General Science
  6. Social Studies / History/ Geography of Pakistan
  7. Arabic for Pakistanis / General Knowledge
  8. Computer Science
  9. Citizenship

Admission Requirements:

  1. Four Passport size recent photographs
  2. Copy of Passport with Residence Permit (Valid) of candidate, mother and father
  3. Valid copy of CPR of candidate, mother and father
  4. Original School Leaving Certificate & Result Card from the previous school
  5. Medical Fitness Certificate from the Ministry of Health
  6. Approval from Ministry of Private Education, Kingdom of Bahrain